The role of the FAE (Field Application Engineer) team in the Meitrack Group is providing professional after-sales technical support whilst embodying our key core values and brand reputation. Being the product experts that they are, they complete impeccable product testing and training whilst exemplifying the brand personality of Meitrack. This equips the team with the skills and expertise to support clients with their after-sales queries.

The FAE team demonstrates their reliability, professionalism, and ability to exhibit the brand values of the Meitrack Group. Efficiently managing their time to support numerous cases per day and treating every case with the care and attention to maintain a high degree of satisfaction amongst the clients.

1. Entry-Level Customer:
The goal of the FAE Team in supporting newcomers to industries is to use multi-communication tools to enhance efficiency when solving problems to help the customers to maximize their earnings. The FAE Team provides professional assistance and guidance to the customer on how to effectively use the trackers.

2. Project-oriented Clients
The FAE team delivers detailed and comprehensive ongoing solutions to clients who require high-performance products and services. In which case, the team’s brand reputation is significantly valued by the clients and thusly vitally important to the FAE team. This requires the FAE team to adopt a global view of their vision of supporting these clients. This continuous high level of after-sales service is provided to secure long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the clients.

A single individual can solve a problem, but it takes a team to build a reputation. The reputation is that which proceeds the talent which goes into solving problem after problem with the combined efforts of an entire team. A team that is comprised of many talented individuals who can deal with anything that they encounter. The FAE team at Meitrack combines efficiency and expertise to deliver the results.

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FAE team