Today, to respond to diversified IoT market requirements, Meitrack officially announces the release of the basic 4G vehicle tracker T711L. It is the smallest in size among Meitrack vehicle tracker family and specially designed for different types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, yachts, and boats.


The device adopts LTE Cat 1 standard widely recognized by operators around the world. With the popularity of 4G networks worldwide, the market-proven LTE Cat 1 standard helps it perfectly replace the roles of 2G & 3G vehicle trackers with lower price, better coverage, faster speed, and lower latency, thus providing cost-effective telematics solutions for customers.

The T711L features the IP67 water and dust resistance rating with ABS outer case and airtight design. It is equipped with a high temperature resistant battery to make sure that this device can work properly in harsh environments. In addition to positioning and tracking, this unit supports harsh acceleration alerts, harsh braking alerts, harsh cornering alerts, output port status controlling based on events (When the device detects unauthorized ignition or GPS antenna cut-off, the engine fails to be started.), idling alerts, and engine start by iButton. Optional Bluetooth functions are also supported. By using Bluetooth wireless communication technology, it can be connected to Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors and Bluetooth beacons.

Let’s see the highlights of the T711L as follows:

  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly I/O port design
  • IP67 water and dust resistance rating
  • Bluetooth communication (optional)
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • 200 mAh battery

More details could be found here.