Welcome New Product, Meitrack’s First AI Mobile DVR MD500S

Today Meitrack officially announces the release of its first AI four-channel mobile DVR MD500S featuring high stability and supporting Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Monitoring System (DMS), video recording, and GPS tracking. Adopting the high-performance processor and Android operating system, the MD500S is a core product of intelligent video surveillance solutions that uses H.264 […]

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Congratulations: Meitrack Becomes a VAR of Iridium

After Meitrack Iridium GNSS tracker T622G_F9 was launched in 2017, this model has been used in diversified scenarios where GSM networks are unavailable and telematics data needs to be transmitted, such as sea vessels, container ship, maritime, mining and exploration research. In recent years we have accumulated rich experience in Iridium projects, and our demand […]

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New Arrival: Meitrack Basic 4G Vehicle Tracker T711L

Today, to respond to diversified IoT market requirements, Meitrack officially announces the release of the basic 4G vehicle tracker T711L. It is the smallest in size among Meitrack vehicle tracker family and specially designed for different types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, yachts, and boats.

The device adopts LTE Cat 1 standard widely recognized by operators around the […]

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Join the Metirack Team at GITEX Technology Week 2021

Meitrack team is pleased to invite you to GITEX Technology Week 2021, the undisputed tech event for the last 41 years, where global industry leaders, startups and game-changers unite to unveil the future. This year, the event will take place between October 17 and October 21 at Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. Don’t […]

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Meitrack 4G Vehicle Tracker T633L-G Licensed by CITC of Saudi Arabia

Today Meitrack is pleased to announce that its 4G vehicle tracker T633L-G is licensed by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), the communications regulator of Saudi Arabia. In other words, this device complies with technical specifications that have been approved by the CITC and is permitted to enter the Saudi Arabia market.

On February 4th, […]

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Meitrack MD533S MDVR Licensed by NBTC of Thailand

Today Meitrack is pleased to announce that its MD533S MDVR is licensed by National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), an independent state telecommunications regulator in Thailand. This model complies with technical specifications that have been approved by NBTC and is permitted to enter the Thailand market.

With the development of 4G networks, texts and pictures uploaded […]

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Meitrack MS03 Login Page Is Ready for Public Use

Today, Meitrack Group officially announces the release of the MS03 platform login page. Both the users of GPS trackers and mobile digital video recorders (DVRs) are allowed to access the MS03 platform through the same login page now, which offers exceptional customer convenience and demonstrates the capability of Meitrack to provide telematics solutions in software […]

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Meet the FAE Team

The role of the FAE (Field Application Engineer) team in the Meitrack Group is providing professional after-sales technical support whilst embodying our key core values and brand reputation. Being the product experts that they are, they complete impeccable product testing and training whilst exemplifying the brand personality of Meitrack. This equips the team with the […]

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2021 Meitrack Group Marketing Strategy

In 2021 Meitrack Group is innovating solutions to capture the essence of Visual and Professional Tracking.

As we spring into the new year, we are excited by the prospect of our innovations. Within our VIP room, real-time solutions for Fleet Management can be experienced via our high-tech simulations.

Introducing the remarkable Smart Cold Chain Solution which uses […]

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New Arrival: Meitrack First Bluetooth Vehicle GPS Tracker T399 Series

After upgrading the wireless Bluetooth technology for the vehicle GPS tracker, Meitrack has officially announced its first Bluetooth vehicle GPS tracker T399 Series to offer a comprehensive but efficient fleet management solution.

The T399 Series support Bluetooth beacons, working with Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors to improve fleet management efficiency. During the vehicle transportation, fleet managers can […]

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