Meitrack announces the release of its first dash camera, the MD101. This product features its compact size, light weight and simple wiring which make it easy to install. With the built-in front camera and rear camera, this dashcam is designed to capture what happens on the road and in the cabin. Besides, there is an additional AHD camera interface and RS232 interface reserved for more uses.


Based on advanced deep learning technology, intelligent algorithms such as Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS), Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Lane Change Assistance (LCA) and active safety functions can be applied to complex driving scenarios, improving the safety of drivers and vehicles. In addition, the ADAS and DMS are integrated with adaptive algorithms so that some necessary data can be measured automatically after installation, which will significantly reduce labor cost.

The MD101 dashcam operates in 4G LTE networks, supports GPS and Beidou positioning, and works stably under high temperature or low temperature, which meets the needs of many countries and regions.

More details about MD101 could be found here.