Meitrack presents the latest addition to its video telematics portfolio, the MD600. It can connect to up to six cameras for 1080P video recording, including two channels for ADAS camera & DMS camera, and maximum two channels for blind spot detection. This advanced product seamlessly integrates the superior features of the mobile DVR system with the benefits of GPS tracking system.


With Bluetooth LE connectivity, the MD600 can be connected to temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and beacons. Whenever there’s a temperature and/or humidity fluctuation, the device will alert the driver to make necessary moves to make sure that the cargo won’t be spoiled during transportation. Warnings will be sent to the platform as well. In addition, the RS232 and RS485 interfaces on the MD600 make it possible to expand serial accessories, such as external RFID, ultrasonic fuel sensors, and other peripherals. Besides, the CAN Bus protocol makes the vehicle data accessible.

When there is sharp turning, rapid acceleration, and rapid deceleration, the 6-axis acceleration sensor will be triggered and alarms will be sent to remind the driver and the fleet manager. What’s more, the FOTA Manager platform makes it convenient for device management, including batch configurations, remote firmware updates and account management.

More details about MD600 could be found here.